ELECTRIC LAUNCH ASSOCIATION List of ELCOs from Lloyd's Register 1931.

Revised 06/25/03


The goal of these lists is to include as many as possible of all the ELCOs built from the beginning in 1892 until the closing in 1949.  The entries will be listed to the extent possible in the order of building.  We presume that the order of building is the same as the order of Hull Number and will list by Hull Number when it is known.


This list was prepared by manually scanning the 1931 issue of Lloyd's Register of American Yachts.  This generated a list of 258 ELCOs or 4.9% of the 5261 yachts listed in the 1931 Register.


Manual scanning is subject to errors and omissions and we encourage your reporting such errors and omissions, as well as any other appropriate information.  See “CONTACT US”.


The number in the first column is one of the following:


a)  A four digit (including leading zeros) number which is the "annual number" shown in Lloyd's Register.  This number provides the fastest way to find a listing in Lloyd's, but can only be used for the 1931 issue as the annual number was reassigned each year


b)  A four digit number preceded by "H" following the above number.  This is the Hull Number assigned by ELCO.  It was not published in Lloyd's or most other registers and directories, so it is only known by personal knowledge of a yacht and, therefore, very few are shown.


The Official Number in the 5th column, if shown, is the registration number assigned by the U S Coast Guard for Documented Vessels.  It appears that in most cases the number was assigned when the yacht was new and, therefore, the order of Official Number is the order of building.  Lacking Hull Number, we have listed the yachts with Official Number in that order.  Occasionally it was obvious that the number was assigned later, in which case it is shown in red.  Official Numbers through 1911 and 225684 are slightly out of order.  They are not shown in red since the improper order reason is not clear.  Canadian registration numbers are six digit as well, but starting with a "1" rather than a "2" as do all US numbers except for very early listings.


The Signal Letters in the sixth column are listed because Lloyd's includes a section listing that ID in alphabetical order from which the yacht to which the ID belongs can be identified.  Beginning in 1934, this ID was called "Signal and Radio Call Letters".


The following footnotes are indicated in the first column of the listing.


(1)  CB TC Auxiliary Schooner.  Designed by JW Hussey, built by Elco in Bayonne.

(2)  No year given.  Engine 1927 Scripps.  Not normal for a 1927 boat.  36-0 length not standard for 1927

      either, but one shows in 1911.  Entry will stay as 1927 until better information is found.

(3)  Was TY-TOMMY II, SUNBEAM's first owner's prior ELCO.

(4)  Twin screw schooner designed and built by ELCO.

(5)  Designed by William Garden, built by ELCO, lengthened ten feet amidships in 1916.

(6)  Altered from a patrol boat in 1919.

(7)  Same Official Number, therefore same boat.

(8)  K TC Aux Yawl designed & built by ELCO.

(9)  Lengthened six feet aft 1926.

(10) Official Numbers too low.  Either ON incorrect or boats were built in 1928, not 1929.

(11) Altered from TC 1919.

(12) The prior boat of the man who bought TY-TOMMY III and changed the name to SUNBEAM II.

(13) Designed by H J Gielow and built by ELCO.

(14) Now SUNBEAM.  The owner shown, C Hearn, Jr., and his father, owned SUZANNE IV, 227789.

(15) Lengthened four feet in 1930.