The Rebuilding of Sunbeam

This project is in it's very earliest stages. It will consist primarily of replacing all the frames, floor timbers, butt blocks, stem, and keel - all the under water oak components. The remainder of the project although extensive is primarily cosmetic. Initially the progress will be reported mostly by pictures. Click on photo for larger view.

9/2/99: First step: Out of the water and bottom cleaned, she's ready for the trailer!

10/26/99: Finally on the elusive trailer and heading for her new home.

10/29/99: In her new location at 38°57.735'N, 76°13.635' W for the duration awaiting a permanent building.

02/09/03: Finally in her permanent rebuilding location, after two years of searching and buying a property, then designing, permitting, and constructing a "boat shop/garage" (as well as a house), and moving her overland seven miles. The move preceded the snow shown by one day. Move took place on 02/06/2003, snow came on the 7th. And then a week later came the "Snow of the Century". Good timing!